Steadicam Package

  • Tiffen Steadicam M-1 Volt (SuperPost, Tiltstage, 12/24v)

  • G70x Arm

  • Walter Klassen Backmount Vest

  • Tiffen Steadicam Frontmount Vest

  • 12x IDX V-lock Batteries w/ Charger

Remote Focus, Iris and Zoom Control

  • Preston focus, iris, zoom system, HU3, MDR2 w/ single channel Handunit

  • Bartech Digital Remote Focus

  • Preston Microforce w/pan handle adaptor & Shape handle

HD Video Link

  • Boxx Meridian HD Transmitter

Other Accessories

  • Stand, trolley and Weight cage (for lightweight cameras: DSLR etc)

  • TV Logic 5.6” Directors monitor/Small HD AC7

  • Walter Klassen Vehicle hardmount

  • Kenyon Ks6 Gyros/Antlers

  • Betz Tools Wave-1

  • Wet weather covers

  • Low mode Bracket

  • Walter Klassen Suspender Rig (easyrig)

  • Shape – Handheld pistol grips


  • Renault Kangoo (LY16TZO) (UK

Additional Equipment (separate fee)

  • Spherical Directors Viewfinder W/16:9 & 2.40:1 Ground Glass

  • Tiffen PSR ND filters 0.3-2.1


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